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Island Provision Ltd. Group of Companies comprises of Island Provision Food Distribution, Best Cellars Wines and Spirits and Gourmet Basket Supermarket.  We operate with a simple philosophy: to provide the finest quality products at a reasonable price.  We are totally committed to customer satisfaction and service.  We dedicate ourselves to our customer’s success.

Island Provision Food Distribution - responds to the daily and increasing demand for provisioning in Antigua and Barbuda.

Best Cellars Wines and Spirits - the quintessential source of fine wines and spirits in Antigua and Barbuda.

Gourmet Basket Supermarket - offers a tantalizing array of the finest quality of fruits, vegetables, Black Angus beef, frozen fish and seafood, local meats & produce as well as a great range of hard to get items such as gourmet sauces and spices.



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